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Tagalog Prayer Book

Prayer Book

In 2014, through the help of the Mission Society of St Serapion Kolozhersky, the Orthodox prayer book was printed in the Cebuano language of the southern Philippines. Now an increasing number of Orthodox Filipinos are finding this resource to be of great value in their morning and evening prayers, preparation for Communion, and daily life together. Glory to God!

Now, with fear and trembling, we are beginning the process of translating the Orthodox prayer book into Tagalog. Some find it helpful to refer to the Cebuano version to see how the thoughts have been transferred into a more familiar order, so we are working in three columns: English, Cebuano, and Tagalog. You can follow the progress of the project or contribute to it, at the Tagalog Prayer Book on Facebook. Pages will also be linked here on the Web, for those who do not use Facebook.

Can you contribute translations for any portion of these texts? Please get in touch! Contact or

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Coming next:

  • Mealtime Prayers
  • Preparation Prayers Before Communion
  • Thanksgiving Prayers After Communion