The project of translating the services of the Orthodox Church into the languages of the Philippines is an enormous undertaking. Our first goal is to complete a rough draft of the texts of the Sunday Octoechos – the book of variable hymns needed to serve Vespers and the Divine Liturgy in full.

Can you help us?

Our need at the moment is for Orthodox Christians who know Cebuano or Tagalog very well and can translate the texts of Orthodox hymns and texts into these languages from English.

If you’re not a theologian, that’s all right! Orthodox clergy and teachers will review everything and compare it to the original Greek. But before we can begin editing, we need help writing the first Tagalog and Cebuano drafts, in modern and beautiful language.

If you would like to be part of this project, please contact Father Silouan at

May God bless you!

Cebuano Texts

Tagalog Texts


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