Rebuild the damaged chapel at Mamacao

Help rebuild the chapel at Mamácao

Fully funded

Many thanks to generous benefactors, and glory to God!

Termites have damaged the Chapel of the Nativity of the Theotokos. Walls and roof in the altar need replacing. But for only $500 we can rebuild!

$500 of $500 goal

Fully funded!

Raised by 2 people in 1 week

After this morning’s Liturgy at St John’s, I brought Communion to a Typika service at the church of the Nativity of the Theotokos at Mamácao, Santa Maria. This formerly separate group is now a mission community in the Russian Orthodox mission in the Philippines, only a few minutes away from my parish. Glory to God!

Inside chapel Group shot

Unfortunately, due to termite damage, the roof and walls in the altar are weakened and need replacing. The rotten roof is already removed, so I served under a murderously hot noonday sun. But grace was present!

Carpenters say it will cost about 25000 pesos – US$500 – in supplies and labor to rebuild the damaged walls and put up a metal roof that will last.

Will you help rebuild the chapel of the Nativity of the Theotokos?

$500 of $500 goal

Fully funded!

Raised by 2 people in 1 week

You may also make your gift by sending a check to: Saint John Orthodox Church, 283 Reata Road, Kennewick, WA 99338. Be sure to note on your check: Philippine Mission: Mamacao chapel. Your gift is tax-deductible.


Update! There is progress in Mamacao – Exterior walls, roof, concrete floor, ambo, and new iconostas are up! Click to embiggen:
New Altar New Altar

I returned from two weeks in the US to find the project had gone one without me. I’m glad! What a blessing this Sunday to serve in the new altar for the first time. Next steps: Interior walls, paint, and icons in the altar; varnish and icons for the iconostas.

Update: Construction resumes! The carpenter was unavailable for a while so the project stalled. But now the interior walls are up and painted, and it’s beginning to come together! This week I hope to add the doors and curtains, and storage outside the altar for supplies.
Nov 11

Doors are done! And cabinets are already making the altar more orderly.
Doors at Mamacao

Update, Jan, 30: Mamácao chapel reconstruction is complete!

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