Banate land for sale

Land for a church in Banate

Update: Goal reached! But there are always unexpected expenses and surprises in buying land in the Philippines, so if you are moved to help, all funds designated for LAND will go to this project, or toward the next.

Icon after termites

The Dormition Chapel in Banate is built on a steep hill, so the altar area actually hangs over empty space and you can see through the bamboo slats of the floor. There is no floor in the nave — and for a narthex and eating area, we use the roof overhang in front.

The community at Banate is outgrowing this little chapel, but we have not made it a high priority until last week. Now we realize termites have been at work, hollowing out the support posts and chewing up the walls; this chapel may not be safe to use for very much longer.

But, providentially, a neighbor near the chapel has a piece of land she needs to sell. It measures 510 square meters — about 5500 square feet, for an asking price of ₱45000 —about US$1000. A sectarian group is also looking at this land, so we do not think it will be available for long at this price.

$1220 of $1000 goal

Funded: 122%

Raised by 6 people in 2 days


A generous mission  partner has already pledged $500 toward this purchase! Could your family or parish help us reach the full goal of $1000? Any gift designated for LAND will be put to use for this project.

Note: Because members of another religious group are among our Facebook friends, we are not posting this on Facebook or social media. But we will be delighted to publicly thank all our benefactors after the land purchase is complete!