For the cost of a cup of coffee...

Many of us spend five dollars on a latte or frappuccino a few times a week.

Budget updated:
October 2017

What if we each pledged the price of one latte each month to the task of reaching the nations with the good news of Christ?

This mission is blessed with a few partners who provide generous monthly gifts of $25, $50, or more — Glory to God! But the majority of our mission partners have signed up for the cost of one or two lattes a month, with a $5 or $10 gift automatically sent every month by PayPal. An automatic monthly gift works just like your Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription, ticking away each month until you decide otherwise.

Here’s the challenge

Our goal is to serve the Divine Liturgy at least once a month in every Orthodox community in Mindanao. There is also an Orthodox mission at Palo, on the island of Leyte, and we mean to visit them every three months as God permits.

Additionally, there are Orthodox families in Cebu City, the “Second City” of the Philippines, but no Orthodox parish. There are Orthodox families in Surigao, and the islands of Negros and Bohol, as well as people in many places asking for instruction in Orthodoxy. If we had the budget, then Fr Silouan and mission teachers could travel more widely to provide sacraments for the Orthodox and instruction for inquirers all over the Philippines.

Can your family commit to sending the cost of a latte drink or two each month for the task of serving the Orthodox in the Philippines?

A few mouse clicks can make it happen. Thank you in advance and may God reward you!

Monthly Partnership

Set up a monthly, recurring donation to the ongoing support of the Philippine mission.