Updated: December, 2016

Budget Update: December 2016

Since before Father Silouan arrived in the Philippines in 2014, mission partners have generously participated in this ministry with one-time and recurring financial support. Thank you to all who have made this mission possible!

Over the two years since that time, life  has gone on, and in many people’s lives bills and s have arisen; some benefactors have either completed an annual commitment or have had to reduce their monthly pledge. This is a normal part of any missionary support lifecycle, and is not unexpected. However it has had some impact on what we can accomplish.

Father Silouan’s first priority is spiritual care for the parish of St John of Shanghai, at Santa Maria. To make that possible, he travels to Davao City for a weekly language lesson; travel and tuition costs impact the budget. Additionally, about 700 miles northeast of the parish at Santa Maria is the Orthodox mission community at Palo, on the island of Leyte. Each trip to this community costs $500-$800 per person. However we have been challenged to raise funds to make a pastoral visit to the faithful at Palo as often as once every three months if possible.

Monthly recurring costs
Rent and utilities (electricity, water, phone, internet) $200
Groceries, prescriptions, and liturgical supplies (wine, incense, charcoal) $100
Weekly language class: Transportation, lodging, tuition: $200
Local travel (Nearby communities in Mindanao) $50
Travel to Palo mission (estimated $700 every 3 months) $225
Basic monthly budget $775

Language Class

In the major cities, most people speak at least some English. But here in our province, English is not even taught in schools until Grade 6, and many people understand and speak only a little English. In addition to the need for evangelism, catechism, and confession in the Cebuano language, there is a whole liturgical life yet to be realized in the Philippines, because it exists only in foreign languages. For this reason, after spiritual care of the parish of St John in Santa Maria, language learning is Father Silouan’s second priority. (It is impossible to serve as a spiritual father without a language in common!) Now, after over a year of tutoring, he can now preach in Cebuano (understandably, if not fluently!) and he is beginning to produce drafts of liturgical texts for review by native speakers. The cost of transportation and tuition make up about a third of the monthly budget. This language course is expected to continue for another year.

Palo travel budget
per person

Airfare $300-600
Lodging $75
Vehicle rental $75
Supplies $75
Total $525-$825

Mission in Palo, Leyte

During 2016 it has not been financially possible to travel often to serve the community at Palo. Each trip costs $500-$800 per person. An unfortunate side effect of living in a country composed of hundreds of islands is that travel is never cheap. However, in 2017, as God provides, we hope to make a mission trip to Palo every three months.