My home parish

Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco, Santa Maria, Davao Occidental. This community requested baptism and built this chapel in preparation.

The chapel to which I arrived in 2013

The new chapel we built in 2017-2018. Before-and-after videos here.

Christmas, 2018.

Bright Week, 2019.

House blessings, 2020.


Saint Joseph community, Kiamba, Sarangani. 

Over 150 people baptized in the ocean this day in 2016.

The Divine Liturgy following baptism.

Building project

Saint Seraphim, Makalángot, Cotabato. This shelter, made of bamboo and tarpaulin sheets, was a labor of love by the community at Makalángot.

Worship under the tarpaulin roof.

New chapel under construction at Makalángot.

Metropolitan Pavel consecrates Saint Seraphim Church, Makalángot.

Post-pandemic: The dome is nearly ready for installation at St Seraphim.

A church in the middle of nowhere

Saint Elena, Little Baguio, Cotabato. No roads lead here. But Orthodox faithful walk from their homes all around.

The faithful after the Divine Liturgy.

How one gets around Mindanao

Father Joachim is ordained

Nativity of the Theotokos, Mamácao, Santa Maria, Davao Occidental

Patronal feast at Nativity of the Theotokos mission, Mamácao. Fr Joachim, who laid aside his priesthood to be received into canonical Orthodoxy, is now ordained in the Russian Orthodox Church. This day he served this community’s feast and I concelebrated.