Department of Charity feeding program resumes

During the strict pandemic lockdowns beginning in 2020, the Philippine Diocese’s program of feeding for children and elderly was interrupted. Now, after a two-year break, volunteers have resumed work. Beginning this July, the sisterhood from General Santos first organized feeding in Barangay Apopong. Their distribution of hot meals to children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and elderly people has begun to resume in the cities of Kayupo, Alabel and Kinabalan.

This ministry is organized by the head of the Department of Charity and Social Service of the Philippine-Vietnam Diocese, priest David Grubbs and his wife Emelee Irene, by local coordinators, and by benefactors and volunteers. Due to the current economic situation, funding from Russia is very difficult, so this ministry is funded entirely by benefactors and mission partners in the Philippines and abroad in the West. You can support this work with your generous donation at the website of the Southeast Asian Exarchate (Russian language) or via this website. All funds received here are forwarded in full to the Philippines.

Here are some highlights of your benevolence in action:

Feeding program has resumed at Dormition Parish, Banate, Malungon.

Archimandrite Philemon (Castro) began the pastoral care of children and seniors as a continuing outreach with the rural folks formerly devastated by a typhoon along Laguna Lake. Here he is teaching seniors about icons and prayer, at the feeding program in Laguna, south of Metro Manila in Luzon.

In the Manila region, feeding combined with catechism and icon coloring books for kids in Pasay City:

Feeding and teaching this month in Barangay Tambler, General Santos City, in the southmost point of Mindanao:

Father Silouan

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