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Dear mission partners,

It is now two years since I returned to the US for a visit and, because of the pandemic lockdown, until this month I was unable to return to the Philippines.

But the mission in the Philippines continues – Over thirty Orthodox parishes are now served by a dozen ordained clergy. Translation projects continue, in Cebuano, Tagalog, and Waray-Waray languages. And the Orthodox faithful are growing in depth and in number under the oversight of the Diocese of the Philippines and Vietnam.

Your tax-deductible gifts continue to reach the Philippine Diocese, where they are used for emergency relief, charitable works, clergy support, and special projects.

You can follow the continuing growth of the Church in the Philippines online:

Philippines and Vietnam Diocese The Philippines and Vietnam Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church
Department of Charity logoDiocesan Department of Charity and Social Ministries
Tagaytay City
Saint Matrona Parish and Education Center
Office of the Diocesan Secretary
Deanery of Davao City
General Santos Deanery
Russian Orthodox Church in Manila

We will continue to update this website as news and needs arise. But watch for the launch of a new site soon!

As we have publicized and raised funds for missionary needs and projects in the Philippines for the past seven years, soon the Orthodox Mission Fund will begin connecting mission partners with needs and opportunities in the mission field in Asia, in Africa and Central America.

We have learned some difficult lessons by experience. As a result, the Orthodox Mission Fund will not disperse funds directly to individuals or clergy in the mission field – instead we will work with bishops and staff whom they appoint, to ensure that the needs we publicize are genuine and can’t be met locally, and so that foreign dollars do not undermine the authority of bishops in their own dioceses.

The Orthodox Mission Fund is already incorporated as a Washington State nonprofit corporation and is a registered charity, and is founded with the blessing of His Eminence our Archbishop Kyrill. The Orthodox Mission Fund has now received IRS certification as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, so we expect to open a bank account and a website, and begin raising funds to advance the Gospel.

We will be excited to share with you news and opportunities to participate in the growth and deepening of the Orthodox Church throughout the world.

In Christ,
Priest Silouan Thompson

Father Silouan

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