Lent Seminar

Learning the Lenten Services

Clergy of the Manila Diocese are learning to serve the Lenten services. This week at the education center of Blessed Matrona of Moscow, a seminar was conducted to teach the Lenten services.

Father Moses serves teh Presanctified Above: Priest Moses Cahilig and Deacons Ambrose Sumagaysay and Nikolay Salgado, together with Hieromonk Korniliy (Molev), complete a full daily circle of Lenten Divine Service, ending it with the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts.

Father Romanos serves Matins Above: Priest Romanos Buniel, Deacons Matthew Sale and Alexei Bergado, serve Lenten Daily Matins, mentored by Hieromonk Korniliy (Molev).

The Great Canon of Saint Andrew is served during the first week of Lent. It’s served mostly in English: Translating this huge text into Cebuano is a project for next year.

Father Silouan

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