Earthquake repair at Saint Helen’s, Little Baguio

On the island of Mindanao at the end of 2019, a series of devastating earthquakes occurred. There were deaths, many people were injured and left homeless. Orthodox churches located near the epicenter were not left without damage. The church of Saint Seraphim of Sarov in Makalangot suffered damage, but now its structure has been strengthened and all damage has been fixed. By the grace of God, this temple was already consecrated.

Church of Saint Helen, in Little Baguio

But there are other damaged temples. The church of Saint Helen in the village of Little Baguio survived, but was severely damaged (the Roman Catholic churches located nearby were completely destroyed). Skew cracks appeared in the supporting columns and walls, and the concrete cross crowning the temple broke. At the moment, the church needs to be reinforced with an external metal structure, but the parishioners do not have the funds for this, since they mainly live by subsistence farming and are very poor.


Thanks to the help from Russia, materials for its repair and strengthening have now been purchased and delivered. We thank all the donors, especially the Christian Book Foundation, for their financial support for the renovation and strengthening of the church. More than 140 metal corners were purchased, as well as rebar and other materials.

Supplies have to be carried by hand from the nearest road.

Carrying hardware Carrying hardware Parts and supplies


Father Silouan

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