Typika in Kiamba

Worship under Lockdown Conditions

Thankfully, in many parts of the Philippines, people are permitted to gather in small groups. Priests do not have permits to travel out of town, so most parishes continue to serve the Typika every Sunday.

Father Deacon Alaxei Bergado serves the Sunday Typika at Saint Isidore of Rostov in Alabel.

Sunday Typika at St Ignatius, in Lambayong, Sultan Kudarat

In some parts of the Philippines, the lockdown is so strict that families are not permitted to leave their homes. But both clergy and laymen keep serving the Typika or Divine Liturgy every Sunday.

Father Romanos Buniel serves the Divine Liturgy for the Elevation of the Cross at the Church of the Resurrection, in General Santos. Members are not permitted to travel to church, but Fr Romanos and family will continue serving until the lockdown ends.

Sunday Typika at the home of Deacon Matthew Sale in Kiamba.

Sunday Typika in a home at St Seraphim mission in Tayabas.

Father Silouan

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