Parish life under quarantine

Parish life under Quarantine

Parish life continues in the Philippines, even under strict quarantine.

Here Father Romanos Buniel serves the blessing of water in the Cebuano language, on the feast of Mid-Pentecost, with family members living under lockdown at Holy Resurrection Church, in General Santos City.

At the Philippine Diocese website, he writes:

In the middle of the journey from Easter to Pentecost, we begin to prepare for the feast of the descent of the Holy Spirit into the world. The visible symbol of His life-giving grace is water, the basis of organic life. Christ Himself compared It to living water that quenches thirst forever. Therefore, on this day, water is blessed in Orthodox churches, and the gospel stories of the 4th and 5th weeks after Easter are associated with water sources.

And this Sunday, Deacon John Mahinay and family served the Typika at home in Santa Maria. Meanwhile up at the chapel of St John of Shanghai, and at homes and churches all over Mindanao, families gather a few at a time to pray the Typika.

Father Silouan

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