Metropolitan Sergiy in Singapore

Services to continue despite Coronavirus

SINGAPORE — Patriarchal Exarch of South-East Asia, Metropolitan of Singapore and South East Asia Sergiy, announced last Sunday, Feb. 16th, that, in the face of the outbreak of coronavirus disease, the Church is called upon to strengthen its prayers for deliverance from the disease, as well as for the people and authorities of their countries, and blessed a special service of supplication to be conducted throughout the Exarchate.

While the offices of many companies and other organizations are being temporarily shut down and many Christian communities at least in Singapore have resolved to suspend their activities and services for an indefinite period of time, Metropolitan Sergiy gave his blessing not only to continue regular church services, but also to conduct every Sunday after the Divine Liturgy in all the parishes of the Exarchate of South-East Asia a special service of supplication (Moleben) with a kneeling prayer for the speedy recovery of those ailing and for the cessation of the epidemic.

Metropolitan Sergiy announced the above in a special address to his flock after the Divine Liturgy on Sunday of the Prodigal Son on February 16th at the Holy Dormition Church in Singapore. “In more than a thousand years of Russian Church’s history the peoples who live on the territory of its canonical responsibility, have repeatedly confronted deadly diseases, who struck entire cities or areas. The Church has always remained with its people, courageously grieving together with it and helping overcome the difficult trials. In such periods one needs to mobilize all the resources and increase the safety precautions. Let’s recall, however, that when the public places, schools and government institutions were shut down, churches became particularly full of people, offering especially strong prayers to God for His help in a speedy cessation of the epidemics. Christians took upon themselves additional fasting, carried out processions and special church services. For us, Orthodox Christians from around the world, who for various reasons are residing in Singapore, this country has become dear and beloved. Our Christian duty calls upon us to strengthen our prayers for the people and authorities of Singapore” – he said.

After his address, Metropolitan Sergiy, assisted by the clergy of the Holy Dormition Church in Singapore, conducted the first service of supplication (Moleben) for a speedy recovery of all the ailing and cessation of the disease’s spread. As of the next Sunday, of the Last Judgment, such a Moleben will be served in all the parishes of the Exarchate of South East Asia.

Father Silouan

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