New Liturgical Text Resource

A new website has been launched, archiving Orthodox liturgical and scriptural texts in the languages of the Philippines. currently hosts Orthodox texts in Cebuano and Tagalog, and we hope to add texts in Waray-Waray, Ilonggo and Ilokano as we find or translate them.

Liturhiya website logoTexts posted here are either translated by native Tagalog or Cebuano speakers and reviewed by clergy who read Greek or Slavonic; or they are translated by foreign clergy from Greek or Slavonic original texts, and reviewed by native speakers. In either case, all translations here are provisional: We fully expect that in time Filipino scholars and poets will improve these texts, making them more accurate and more beautiful. But a liturgical Faith requires services and scriptures now.

New content is added every week. Recent additions include:

For more information: About the website.

Father Silouan

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