Holy Synod of Moscow

The Russian Orthodox Church establishes a new Exarchate of Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Original article in Russian at: https://www.patriarchia.ru/db/text/5330863.html

JOURNAL number 106

The Holy Synod considered the situation of church affairs in the countries of Southeast Asia.


Due to the significant success of the mission of the Russian Orthodox Church in the countries of Southeast Asia, expressed in multiplying the number of churches and communities, the emergence of clergy from among the local population, increasing interest in Russian Orthodoxy, and also in connection with the increase in the Russian-speaking population on a permanent or temporary basis living in the countries of this region:

1. To form the Patriarchal Exarchate in Southeast Asia with the center in Singapore.

2. Include the following countries in the pastoral responsibility of this Exarchate: Republic of Singapore, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Republic of Indonesia, Kingdom of Cambodia, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Republic of Korea, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Republic of the Philippines, Kingdom Thailand.

3. To the head of the Patriarchal Exarchate in Southeast Asia to have the title “of Singapore and Southeast Asia”.

4. Appointed as Head of the Patriarchal Exarchate in Southeast Asia the Most Reverend Archbishop Sergiy of Solnechnogorsk, with the title indicated earlier, while temporarily leaving him the post of head of the Administrative Secretariat of the Moscow Patriarchate.

Our parish of St John of Shanghai remains a parish of ROCOR. But this is great news for the Russian Orthodox mission in which we participate. Since the Holy Synod in Moscow officially recognized and blessed the work of missionaries in the Philippines, we have all benefited from help, counsel, visiting teachers and missionary clergy, and from being included in the regional plans of the Russian Orthodox Church. We pray God will bless this newly-established exarchate, and grant Archbishop Sergiy many years!

Father Silouan

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