4 wheel drive

A 4-Wheel-Drive vehicle for the mission

Update — Nov. 6: Mission accomplished! Or should we say: Mission ENABLED!

Through the sacrificial giving of generous benefactors, this week we acquired a well-maintained four-wheel drive sport utility vehicle, which can carry a big load of supplies over rough unpaved paths or seat seven comfortably for long road trips. To the mission partners who have made this possible: Thank you! You are all in our prayers and your reward is in the heavens!

Kia Sorento

Update — Oct. 30: As of today this project is now fully funded! Glory to God! We’ll post a further update after we have bought the new mission vehicle. We are grateful to the generous donors who have sacrificially donated to make this possible. Thank you!!

Could you or your parish help provide a four-wheel drive to enable missionaries to travel to Orthodox communities in Mindanao?

of $7000 goal

Raised by 34 donors in 67 days

Three years ago, generous mission partners helped us purchase a car for the mission. That 2010 Honda Fit has been a godsend, taking priest, choir, and supplies to missions all over Mindanao. But now it’s now got another 50000km on the odometer, and it is starting to show its age.

We’ve spent about $500 every two months for a while now to replace broken motor mounts, suspension parts, and many other things that keep breaking due to driving on rocky, unpaved roads. Now the electrical system is developing short circuits again, and I’m told major repairs may be needed soon.

Meanwhile, this afternoon the Honda got stuck in mud and half a village had to come help us get free. Front-wheel drive on a little highway car is just not a good match for rugged unpaved roads during the rainy season. It’s time to look for a four-wheel drive vehicle, to enable us to consistently reach parishes on unpaved, mountain roads.

Here is 30 seconds of the road to St Thomas Church in Kinabalan…

Rented 4×4 on the road in Arakan…

Rougher roadRough road


We hope to raise $7000 and invest it in a rugged, reliable vehicle that can brave unpaved mountain roads, reach remote missions even during the rainy seasons, and not require frequent costly repairs. Will you pray with us — and, if you are so inclined, will you help us reach our goal?

May God reward you!

Father Silouan

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