Father Stanislav Rasputin

Second priest for Mindanao

With Father Stanislav Today we welcomed the Priest Stanislav Rasputin, his Matushka Anastasia, and young Maxim to Davao City. Fr. Stanislav has been assigned to Davao, where a mission center is to be established for administration and teaching. For the past few weeks we have been looking for a location where a church can be established, together with a training center for lay missionaries and for those preparing for seminary.

Fr. Stanislav is no stranger to Mindanao; he has visited and served here many times. Mat. Anastasia is also a skilled educator who has taught seminars here for the Philippine mission.

We are grateful for the assignment of a second priest for the pastoral and administrative challenges here in Mindanao, as well as the establishment of a training center for lay missionaries and future seminarians. Glory to God!

Three years ago, Fr Stanislav and I baptized 187 people from five communities in stormy seas at Kiamba, Sarangani:
Kiamba baptism
187 received into the Church in ocean baptism at Kiamba


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Father Silouan

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