Christmas in the Philippine Mission

ThisSunday, January 7 (December 25 on the Church calendar) the Divine Liturgy was served for the feast of Christ’s Nativity, in Manila, in Cebu City, and here in Santa Maria.

A surprising number of people attended the Liturgy at St John of Shanghai parish despite drenching rains and hazardous mud — not only parish members, but also a film crew from the ABS-CBN news network. We didn’t take photos during the Liturgy, but video from the services and interview was shown on the programs “TV Patrol” and “Maayong Buntag Mindanao.” The following morning, Fr Silouan was greeted by several people in Davao City who had seen the video, recognized him, and had questions. Glory to God!

As soon as we can get a copy of the news video from ABS-CBN, we will post it here.

The parish in Manila writes:
CHRIST IS BORN, GLORIFY HIM! This Sunday, on the occasion of Christmas in Manila and on Cebu island, churches were filled to capacity. The festive services were held by Fr. Felipe (Balingit) in Manila and Fr. Alexiy (Lapshin) on the island of Cebu. After the Liturgy, a festive meal during which the parishioners shared the Christmas joy, congratulated each other and exchanged gifts.

Cebu Christmas in Cebu City

Christmas in Manila

Father Silouan

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