20 December 2017


 December 20, 2017
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During much of December, Fr Silouan traveled to all the parishes and communities of the mission in Mindanao, often serving the Divine Liturgy in the morning and then bringing Communion to a second chapel in the afternoon. Here is a look at some of the churches in Mindanao.

Church of Santa Elena, Little Baguio, Arakan

Divine Liturgy at Santa Elena, Little Baguio, Arakan

Divine Liturgy at Nativity of the Theotokos, Poblacion, Arakan

Divine Liturgy at the Chapel of St Nicholas, Salasang, Arakan

Typika and Communion at St Panteleimon, Makalangot

Mission chapel at Malibatuan

Divine Liturgy at the Church of Archangel Michael, Mahongkog

There is no concrete floor at Mahongkog. But ingenuity has provided a way to raise the altar and solea, even on a mud floor!

My first visit to the chapel at Meocan. The roof and supports are sound but the walls are rotten. Next year (2018) we will begin a project to replace the walls, put up icons, and make this a beautiful place for the worship of the Holy Trinity.

Ready to begin the Typika and serve Communion

Meocan community at prayer

The new church of St Nicholas at Kayupo now has a roof and dome! God willing, next year before Lent this church will be complete; then we will consecrate it and serve the Divine Liturgy here for the first time.

Preparing to serve Communion.

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