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St John’s, Kennewick, Washington

After a week at Holy Trinity Monastery and a brief visit with family on the east coast, this Sunday Father Silouan began his fundraising mission in the US at St John of Shanghai Church, Kennewick, Wash. – sister church of our parish in the Philippines. He had the privilege of serving together with priests Jesse Philo and Matthew Harrington, and Igumen Seraphim Bell, who originally catechized and baptized them all. It was providential timing, as this week Fr Seraphim is leaving to take up a new position as rector of another parish of St John of Shanghai, in Eugene, Ore.

After the Liturgy, Fr Silouan shared news and opportunities in the Philippines. We are very grateful for several new mission partners and benefactors! 

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How can you be involved?

The growth of the mission in the Philippines is just beginning, and we can’t wait to continue this work in June. Here’s how you can be part of the mission:

  • Invite Father Silouan to your parish. He will spend the next six weeks traveling the USA, speaking about the Philippines and seeking support. Please email to schedule a visit!
  • Become a mission partner via the Philippine Mission website. Your one-time gift is a great blessing! And if you are able to sign up for an automatic, monthly gift via PayPal, that will help us create the budget for the coming year: See how, at the Partners page.
  • Can your family or parish sponsor one volume of the Menaion for the Church in the Philippines? Click to know more!
  • Is your parish replacing old vestments, altarware, or church items? We can put them to use in the Philippines!
  • Are you fluent in Tagalog, Cebuano, or another Philippine language? Contact us to see how you can be involved in ongoing translation projects! God willing, one day we will have scriptures, Orthodox services, and an Orthodox prayer book translated and printed in each of the languages in which we work.
  • Please pray for safety as missionaries travel in regions of political unrest, and pray for all our brothers and sisters in the Philippines.

Have other ideas? Get in touch!

Thank you for your partnership with us in growing the Orthodox Church in the Philippines!

Father Silouan

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