Fundraising trip

Dear friends,

I’m coming home! With the blessing of Metropolitan Hilarion, I mean to spend the month of May and part of June in the USA. I will spend a week at Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, and then begin catching up with mission partners in as many US parishes as I can possibly visit. I will return to the Philippines in June.

Today, I simply want to thank you. Through your prayers and support, we have:

  • Begun translating and publishing Orthodox services, an Orthodox Prayer Book and materials for inquirers in languages of the Philippines.
  • Mentored lay missionaries for communities in Mindanao and trained them as acolytes and choir singers.
  • Sent four Filipino men to Belgorod, Russia, to study in preparation for the priesthood.
  • Sent a Filipino Antiochian priest to Saint Petersburg to study iconography.
  • Been blessed to have one of our senior members ordained as an Orthodox subdeacon.
  • Built a new Church of St John of Shanghai and San Francisco.
  • Shared icons, incense, books, vestments, and so many more items with Orthodox communities all over the Philippines
  • Provided spiritual support to dozens of far-flung parishes through personal visits.

Thank you for making all this possible!

The growth of the mission in the Philippines is just beginning, and I can’t wait to continue this work in June. Here’s how you can help me return to the Philippines:

  • Invite me to your parish. I will spend six weeks traveling the USA, speaking about the Philippines and seeking support. Please email me to schedule a visit!
  • Help underwrite the cost of this trip to the US. Ironically, fundraising is a costly activity! Update: Travel budget has been raised! Thank you!!
  • Become a mission partner via the Philippine Mission website.
  • Please pray for my safety as I travel in regions of political unrest, and pray for all our brothers and sisters in the Philippines.

Thank you for partnering with us in this work.

In Christ,
Priest Silouan Thompson

Father Silouan

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