Genevieve's baptism

Baptism, Liturgy and Wedding at Surigao

Today Fr Silouan returned to the city of Surigao for the happy task of baptizing Genevieve, the wife of an Orthodox Christian, and serving the Orthodox sacrament of crowning to bless their union.  At Sunday’s Liturgy all the Orthodox members of the family confessed and communed.

Genevieve’s mother, a lifelong Roman Catholic, had some fears about Orthodoxy, which was unfamiliar to her. But after seeing the Divine Liturgy and Crowning services, she was quite relieved and happy for her daughter and family.

Seraphim has for some time been serving reader services with his family, and hopes to attract interested neighbors and relatives to join him in an Orthodox mission community.

May God grant many years to Seraphim, Genevieve, and the church which meets in their home!


Father Silouan

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