Good news! And a request

We now have several interpreters ready to translate Orthodox texts into local languages. Thanks be to God!

Transcribing However they do not have computers with which to do the work. If you have done text processing both on a typewriter and on a computer, then you know well how much a computer can speed up the work of translation, editing, and sharing texts!

Besides the Orthodox mission in the Philippines, computer donations can be of great benefit elsewhere in the developing world. Our co-laborer, Father George Maximov posted on Facebook:

I recently met the secretary of Metropolitan Makarios of Kenya; he said that in the main Orthodox seminary of Africa in Nairobi they have no computers.

Do you have an older laptop or notebook computer? It doesn’t need to be the best or newest, just in good working order. If you’re upgrading to a newer model, would you consider donating your old one to Orthodox missionary work? We will gladly send you a photo of the laptop with the recipient in the mission field!

Please contact:

Thank you and may God reward you!

Father Silouan

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