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John Mahinay ordained to the Subdeaconate

Tonsure Tonsure of Reader John Mahinay

With the blessing of Metropolitan Hilarion, today Bishop Sergey of Solnechnogorsk ordained John Mahinay to the subdiaconate at St John Maximovitch Orthodox Church in Santa Maria, Davao del Sur.

Before his becoming Orthodox three years ago, for over twenty years Subdeacon John was a priest of the Philippine Independent Church, and he is still affectionately known as “Father Mahinay” all across our province of Davao del Sur. It is a joy to see him recognized for his leadership in the parish of Saint John Maximovitch, and to share the grace which God poured out today at his ordination.

May God grant many years to the newly-ordained Subdeacon John!

Reading The Reader reads

Prayers Prayers and exhortation by the bishop: “My son, the first degree in the Priesthood is that of Reader. Therefore you must read the divine Scriptures daily, so that those who hear and see you may receive edification; so that in no way shaming your election, you may prepare yourself for a higher degree. For by a chaste, holy and upright life you shall gain the favor of the God of loving-kindness, and shall become worthy of a greater ministry, through Jesus Christ our Lord; to whom be glory unto ages of ages. Amen.”

Subdeacon John Mahinay Subdeacon John Mahinay
Subdeacon Ordination to the Subdiaconate
Subdeacon John Mahinay
Bishop at Santa Maria

Father Silouan

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