Prayers for a blessed 2015

Orthodox hymns for the new year:

O Thou Who givest fruitful seasons and rains from heaven to those on earth, and dost now accept the supplications of Thy servants: from all want deliver Thy people; for truly Thy compassions are evident in all Thy works. Therefore bless our going out and our coming in, set aright among us the work of our hands, and grant us forgiveness of offenses, O God. For Thou didst bring all things from nonexistence into being, O Mighty One.

Thy Kingdom is the Kingdom of all ages, O Christ God, and Thy dominion continues through all generations; for Thou hast fashioned all things in wisdom, fixing the times and seasons for us. Therefore, giving thanks for all things, we pray: Bless the crown of the year with Thy goodness, and grant us to cry out to Thee without condemnation, Glory to Thee, O Lord!

The new year on the Orthodox calendar actually begins in September. But these hymns from the service of the Indiction seem appropriate today as we ask the Lord for grace on the coming year.

May God’s mercy and blessing follow you all the coming year!

Father Silouan

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