New roof

New roof for St John Chapel

Thanks to generous gifts from mission partners, the leaking roof at the Chapel of St John Maximovitch is being replaced this week.

00 Freshly-cut-bamboo-for-construction
Freshly-cut bamboo lumber for the new roof.

01 One-by-threes
In the US we’d call these “one by threes.”

Neighbor boys are already gathering to watch!

After removing all the holy things from the altar

Empty altar
The altar area is now completely empty.I’ll take this opportunity to thoroughly scrub it all before putting everything back. Wait, what’s that in the left corner?

Yes, it’s a toad, the size of a softball, doing his best to say “Ignore me, I am not here.” I prodded him a bit, and he resentfully hopped out through an opening in the wall. If the canons permit cats in a church to eat mice, I’m sure an occasional toad under the table will only help eat bugs!

The antimins, chalice, and other holy things are safe on the table at my home.

Roof is off
The roof is off the front of the chapel!

Front view againLawrence and Panteleimon
Panteleimon pulls the old roof off, while young Lawrence removes nails from the wood.

Lawrence helps Panteleimon

Roof coming off
The roof is almost all removed!

Roof almost all offRoof pieces
Palm shingles ready for the new roof.

New palm shingles are beginning to go up!
Starting to attach the new shingles!

Magdalena assembles roof pieces
Magdalena is assembling the palm shingles.

More shingles ready to go on the roof
More shingles ready to go on the roof.

Done! And although the weathermen predicted thunderstorms all this week, we’ve had had clear, sunny days until today. Now that the new roof is finished, the rain has come at last. Thanks be to God!

new side 1
New thatch is in place.

new side 2
The new roof is done!

We’ve put the nave back together.

Nave and iconostas
Looking toward the iconostas.

The altar area, scrubbed and organized. We’re excited to have Theophany services under the new roof, in the refitted and freshly decorated chapel!

Father Silouan

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