Encouraging fellowship among Orthodox Missionaries

Fr Konstantine Lautillo is dean of Antiochian clergy in the capital city of Manila. He baptized a number of our members back in 2012. He and his wife Khouria Marina visited us this week in Santa Maria for a blessed time of fellowship.

Yesterday they and I spent the day in the southernmost city of General Santos together with mission staff and catechumens of the Moscow Patriarchate. We all have different bishops, but the Lord was present to make real the fact that we are brothers in Christ and united in His Church.

As an added bonus, we were privileged to travel around the GenSan mission area and bless many homes with holy water from Theophany!

Fr Silouan with Fr Konstantine and Khouria Marina

Food and fellowship!

The mission parish of St John the Baptist in Ladol, Alabel, Sarangani, part of the Moscow Patriarchate mission in the Philippines. The clergy and faithful of this parish are enthusiastic about their upcoming reception into the Orthodox Church.

Father Silouan

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