Travel Warning

A few people have passed along to me a travel warning issued by the US State Department regarding travel by American citizens to several regions in the Philippines, including the southern Island of Mindanao where I live. The travel warning can be read online here. Please note that this is only an update to a previous warning that has been in effect for some time. It seems odd at first that all malls, stores and government offices have armed guards who check packages and do random patdowns on all patrons, but in fact, as in the “War on Terror” at US airports, we do not live in a state of fear: Life goes on.

Regions As you can see on the map, the troubled areas of Palawan and Sulu are quite far from here, almost all the way to Malaysia.

The provinces of North Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat are nearer, but I have not had occasion to travel there. However Filipino laymen and visiting clergy from Taiwan and Russia do travel to these provinces from time to time while catechizing Aglipayan parishes on their way to Orthodoxy. I know they appreciate your intercessions for safety and for divine wisdom. We all try to exercise prudence, but in the end our protection is the Lord.

I am signed up with the US State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. So they know where I am, and I receive alerts and updates directly.

Many thanks to those who have expressed concern, and who uphold us in prayer!

Father Silouan

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