Final weeks — Last fundraising push!

Father Silouan has bought his plane ticket for the Philippines!

We have currently raised 80% of our monthly support budget. In the remaining weeks before Fr Silouan leaves, we believe with your help we can raise the whole monthly support budget! If you have been planning to make a monthly support commitment to the Philippine Mission, either online or through your parish giving, then we need to hear from you so that we can count your gift toward our monthly total.

Eight weeks ago when we began, we said often that for the cost of a cup of coffee, you can send a priest to the Philippines. And it’s true — while a number of mission partners have made larger pledges, we have many, many supporters adding their $5 or $10 each month to make up the total budget for serving the Philippine Church.

Will you commit the price of a cup of coffee each month to the task of serving the faithful in the Philippines? Could your parish make a monthly gift? On behalf of all the Orthodox Christians in the Philippines who are still waiting for a priest, we want to thank all our ministry partners for their part in sending Father Silouan!

Fundraising progress

Father Silouan

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