Current needs

This list has changed a great deal since it was last posted! Thanks to generous gifts from parishes and individuals nearby and as far away as Romania, we have the altar ware and vestments needed to serve the Divine Liturgy. We are deeply grateful to the partners who have made this possible!

Donations have also enabled us to start building the liturgical library needed to serve a full liturgical life. Already donated to the mission are a Festal Menaion, Lenten Triodion, Abridged Typicon, Small Book of Needs, and Pentecostarion.

We have been asked to think big and ask even for major and costly items. So, in the event your parish is replacing vestments, altarware, service books, or even an epitaphios (or on the chance that someone is moved to purchase items for the mission) above are listed some needed items with both small and large price tags.

Wondering if an older item at your parish would be useful on the mission field? Please contact us! We may be able to put it to use in a mission chapel, or in a future seminary!

Update: We now have a Horologion!


Father Silouan

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