Father Silouan ordained to serve the Philippine Mission

On Sunday, June 1, Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco and Western America ordained Deacon Silouan Thompson to the priesthood to serve the parishes of the Philippine Mission.

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This week Fr Silouan begins his forty days of Divine Liturgies, and with Archbishop Kyrill’s blessing he will begin actively raising support for the Mission. When the needed support is pledged, then Fr Silouan will be able to go serve the faithful in the Philippines who at present have no priest.

New Orthodox believers in the Philippines are eager to learn about the faith. You can have a part in helping to provide the Liturgy, establish parish life, and launch evangelism efforts in our mission communities. Will you consider becoming a partner in ministry with us? Your check or monthly pledge via PayPal will have a meaningful impact in the lives of the faithful who await the arrival of a priest.


Father Silouan


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  • God helps,

    I am happy to see this news. I am living in Daet Camarines Norte ( 300 km south of Manila). Me and my wife will be happy to give you hospitality how long you like to stay here.
    And we are very hungry of Liturgy.
    Looking forward to see you soon.

    Branko Milosevic

    • Dear in Christ Branko,

      I hope to be able to come to the Philippines soon! I will look you up then.

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