Sunday of Forgiveness in Palo

Today Nina shares photos from the Sunday of Forgiveness in Palo, Leyte. Thanks to the timely presence of our Antiochian friend Father Sava, on Sunday evening the Orthodox mission community of Saint Nikolai Velimirovic observed Forgiveness Vespers and began the Lenten journey of preparation for Pascha.

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Sunday of Forgiveness

Sunday of Forgiveness

Sunday of Forgiveness

For us who are comfortable in the West, the Lenten struggle may look like just a forty-day change in diet. But for people who have lost everything, life has been a continual struggle for months already. These faithful people have been homeless since November’s devastating typhoon, but thanks to generous donations by several donors, some are now beginning to rebuild their houses. Could you be part of providing food, medicine, and aid to help them rebuild?

Father Silouan

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