Current needs

Wish List

For the Altar:

  • Chalice and diskos
  • Spear, spoon, and star
  • Censer
  • Aer and covers for holy vessels
  • Tabernacle
  • Epitaphios/Plashchanitsa

For the priest and kliros:

  • Octoechos
  • Horologion
  • Festal Menaion
  • Lenten Triodion
  • Pentecostarion
  • Book of Needs

Our top need at the moment is partners who will commit to monthly support. Until the minimum budget is pledged, Fr Silouan will not be able to leave for the Philippines. There are also considerable one-time costs associated with establishing a liturgical life in these mission parishes (as well as the airfare to send Fr Silouan.) Your mission gift makes a huge difference to believers and inquirers in the Philippines.

The parish of Saint John Maximovitch in Santa Maria has a chapel, and an antimins has been placed there. (By God’s providence it bears the signature of St John himself!) However in order to serve the Liturgy, at a minimum the parish will need a chalice and diskos; spoon, spear, and star, and a censer.

The parish of Saint Nicolai Velimirović at Palo had a chapel until last year’s Typhoon Yolanda destroyed both the chapel and the homes of the faithful. Beginning as soon as possible, the Liturgy will be served there in whatever space can be set aside – but again they will need at the very least enough altar ware for a priest to celebrate the Liturgy.

Finally – in June, God willing, Deacon Silouan is to be ordained to the priesthood, and will need vestments.

Is your parish replacing old altar items, vestments, icons, or service books? We can put them to use on the mission field! Are icons or profitable spiritual books lying unused on your shelves? New catechumens and Orthodox faithful in the Philippines will enthusiastically put them into service in chapels and home prayer altars!

Father Silouan

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