We can help the Orthodox community in Palo – here’s how

After seeing the hardships our brothers in Palo are enduring, I asked for details on how we can help. Today I received this message from Father Philip:

I just talked to the wife of Nektarios. She informed me that almost everything was destroyed (chapel, houses, etc.) They are now living in small tents provided by the government, but with the coming rainy season, they are afraid that they will have more problems to endure.

They are asking me if we could help them rebuild their houses and also the chapel. They can use some of the woods that were destroyed by the typhoon from the forest but they would be needing money for cutting the trees and for bringing those wood in their places and also to but other materials for building their house.

They are also in need of medicine for diarrhea, cough, colds, fever and vitamins. As of the moment the three children are sick and they are now having difficulty for buying medicine because they dont have income and also they werent able to save much clothings and other properties.

These are their needs: food for their daily sustenance, medicine, clothes, umbrellas, shoes, slippers, materials for building their house and chapel, basic things for cooking, toiletries, tools for building their house, fuel for their generator, flash lights, lamps, mosquito repellant, skin ointment, etc. It would really be useful to send medicine and other stuffs, but it might cause delays – and it would also be difficult for them to transport it from airport or any pick-up point and bring it on their place (as you can remember, they are living in the mountain). Sending money will be more practical at this point considering the urgency of their needs.

I have sent 100 Euro donated by Fr.Jovan from Serbia so that people can buy sacks of rice and distribute it among themselves.

Any donations designated for “Relief” will be passed on in full to purchase relief supplies for our brothers and susters who have lost everything.

Father Silouan

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