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PhilippinesAt, Fr Seraphim writes:

Yesterday I received a wonderful email from a friend in Seattle. Tanya, the wife of Protodeacon Paul Bilibin of the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Seattle, wrote to me after reading my post about the Philippines. In part she wrote:

My mother and grandfather were part of that group of refugees with St. John of Shanghai. Your Blog brought back many memories of the stories they told me as growing up in SF with St. John of Shanghai. I don’t know if you know, but recently on July 11 my mother passed away. We had a very peaceful funeral for her in Seattle. When you do get to Tubabao, and if it’s not too much to bother you with, when you get there, please remember my mother, Olga and her father, Subdeacon Peter along with so many others who lived there many years ago.

What a great privilege and blessing it will be to stand in that very space where so many years ago Olga and Subdeacon Peter received Holy Communion from St. John himself. What a joy it will be to commemorate them in the Divine Liturgy, together with all who lived and served there with St. John of Shanghai. Glory to God! Holy Hierarch John, pray to God for us.

Father Silouan

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